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I have never had any issue with this supplier. I have also been consistently impressed with the speed and quality of shipments. Much more variety than I’ve ever had to choose from, including things I hadn’t dreamed of! Big thanks for helping me turn my life around (:

-Noly G 

I’ve been using West Coast Supply for years now and I have never been disappointed by their service or quality. Their products are some of the best I’ve ever tried and I always come back to order more. Always the first source I recommend to friends. With their regular sales and free shipping over $150 you can get amazing deals on great products for usually far cheaper than other MOM sites. Fantastic products at really good value, I can’t recommend WCS enough


“I highly recommend west coast supply, I’ve been with them since before everything was legalized even with them thru the postal strike. This place has NEVER let me down and I live in Ont! The prices are easily the best I’ve ever found. Plus points for shopping and ALWAYS with the discounts with the guys, why would I go any place else! I let all my interested friends know about this site.”


“After trying other MOM store without satisfaction I came across WCS and decided to try them out. SOOOO glad I did. The price is great (havent found it cheaper elsewhere) and the quality has always been awesome. Was hesitant about the shipping and packaging being poor as that was an issue with other places, but when my order came in (quickly too) I was very impressed with the discretion. No smell could be detected. I will only order from WCS now as I know they are reliable and consistent. Highly recommended!!!”


“Joined the site a few months ago and just got around to making an order finally. It arrived today and I could not be happier, discreet packaging, 3 days from BC to Ontario. Got Rockstar and Purple Space Cookie. Both have nice bag appeal, the Rockstar VERY sticky and the OZ was like a large brick, came out of bag in 1 piece! Purple SPace Cookie had nice looking popcorn sized nugs (somepeople dont like popcorn nugs, I actually prefer them personally so am quite happy) Lots of purple, some nugs virtually all purple! Burns nice, smooth smoke and white ash. Will try Rockstar tonight. All in all impressed with CS packaging product and sales! I think you have become my new go to MoM!!”


Great service and great products !. Really good pricing and fast and efficient shipping with everything well packaged . Would highly recommend !


I have been using West Coast for the last 6 months. I have tried numerous kinds of buds, edibles, hash and High CBD Tears. They have all met my expectations for quality, quantity and effectiveness. I would put West Coast at top 3 of all the websites I have ordered from for price, selection and customer satisfaction. They have become my go to supplier. Thanks West Coast. You make my days and pain easier to deal with.


“This has been my go to site for over a year! Never disappointed. The product is always good and as described if not better! Love that there is usually always a promo going on and they are always great with passing on the extras when they have them. Packaging and shipping have always been great, very discreet and on time. My last order arrived in 3 days on Xmas eve!! Keep up the great work guys :-)”


“I’ve been using these guys for almost a year mostly for their awesome price on their distillate but was finally sent a few bud samples damn I wish they’d sent them before their pink tuna and pink gorilla blew my freaking mind out of 12 online mom’s and 3 lps these 2 strains of their pink kicked my ass it’s better than tilray and broken coast potent asf. Definitely gonna save up for g.bag of their pink tuna. .you guys rock big time ..and thanks for having best price on distillate out there ..says frankie to the maxx”

Frankie Maxx

“OK so it’s was my first order. Normally I order from another MoM and was OK with what they were sending me for the prices they have, but I like AA and they don’t always have the AA on sale. So I decided to shop around this time and see what I could find as there are more and more places to shop all the time. I found this place and decided to take a chance with them …….. and let me tell you I’m glad I did!!!! I got the AA summer variety pack and I am thrilled with what they sent me… nice tight trimmed frosty stinky nuts, let’s just say it puts a smile on my face. The AA products are like AAAA of the other sites stuff and the price was awesome! I ended up with an Oz of chemo kush and an Oz of Girl scout cookies for 220$ after discounts, plus I opted for the express shipping which brought my total from 241.40$ for 2 ozs of primo to my door! Long story short this place has amazing  AA and I think I may have found my new go to site. Thanks for the awesome deal and I hope you continue to intice me with sweet prices so I continue to shop with you. If you need good weed at an awesome price this place is for you!!! Fuck yeah!!! West coast supply you are my hero!!!”

Levi Myran

The service at west coast supply is A-one. Sometimes I receive my package in one day which is phenomenal. The quality of the cannibis is excellent, nice big buds with the appropriate moistness. It’s never too dry. I used to go to a dispensary which was really good , however once I went to WCS I never went anywhere else. I like it that it needs a signature so the package never gets lost or stolen guaranteed. This is real medicine. Thank you WCS.


“Been using West Coast Med since Jan 2017. Always a positive experience, lots of promotions/coupons.

Never had an order changed after payment. Most of the time moisture content and bustibility of the product is good.  Bud sizes and quality vary depending on individual products.

If there are any mistakes or questions they have always been dealt with quickly and efficiently with proper and adequate compensation.
Haven’t tried any of the edibles or extracts yet, still debating it. Looking forward to when there are Nanaimo bars available, that would be sweet! 🙂

From low to high so far everything has been a smooth even burn. Always be on the lookout on the deals page for a good time. Smoke on!

  • Lazak

“I highly recommend West Cost Med
The Shatter is Fire! ( The Dark Shatters are Terpy and Fire)
The Budder is Fire!
The Flower is high in THC and burns clean with white ash
The staff is great and are always willing to help no matter what time it is am or pm 5star
The Edibles are priced right and hit you like a warm blanket of Love.
The shipping is Fast, the package has no smell ( over an oz, No smell)
I am very Happy with West Cost Med and will continue buying from this sight

P.S. Im excited to try all your new shatters

  • Tave Wolf

“Superb site, great prices and sales. Their customer service is top notch.  Issues small or large happen. 5 star ratings come from customer satisfaction. For me, an old grumpy vet, 5 full stars.

  • ColdWarVet

“That is second time I order for here and I got to say the quality/price is great. Packaging and shipping was smell proof and quick (xpresspost from west to east coast).

I even got an edible I didn’t order thanks a lot.

  • L0U1S11

“I have tried many strains from many places, and nothing has come close to being as pure and tasty as yours.  Your medicine is in a completely different league than others that I have tried…The extracts have helped with IBS, depression, back/neck pain, anxiety, brain fogginess, as well as assisting in killing the viruses, bacteria, and parasites that call my body home…I am ready to kick the sickness once and for all.

  • Brad D

“WCM is my go to MOM! Have never been disappointed with any order. Always shipped on time and the quality of the buds are amazing for the prices.

The 130-180 oz’s are definitely worth it. Of course the 200 – 240 oz’s are super quality but it’s the lower end stuff that makes me coming back! The AAA variety pack is a great, never know what you’ll get so it’s a nice surprise each time =)

Every bud I’ve tried so far has burned clean with white ash.

Haven’t found quality buds for such low prices anywhere else, and the best part is the coupon codes that are always available to make it even more affordable.

I highly recommend the Phoenix Tears , great product and even better price. The shatter and budder is amazing too!

The customer service is at WCM is the best! Instant reply’s (online chat) and are quick to help you with any questions.

The packaging is simple and it works great ( zip lock bags inside of vacuum sealed bag, with pieces of cardboard , than placed inside of a bubble wrap CP bag. Zero smell and very discreet)

5 stars

  • NorthHart

“I never knew what was missing in my life till I found this site. No longer shall I overpay for mediocre marijuana, when prices for full, high-quality ounces can be found here with a bargain bin price tag. The weed is honestly some of the best I’ve ever had; OG Headband is a must try. I’m now getting all my medication from here exclusively.

Ordered the AAA variety pack and I really wasn’t sure what to expect because I’m a first time mail order buyer.  Upon receiving my package (which came incredibly quickly) I was filled with an overwhelming sense of joy. All four strains (Shark OG, OG Headband, Bruce Banner, and Grape God) were incredible in their own right. I’m very much looking forward to placing another order.”

  • Jesse B

“Quality products at good prices with great customer and a points system for savings on later orders what more could you ask for? Only downside is the free shipping can take a while depending on how far away you are but that’s on Canada post and you could always pay for faster shipping if you want. I’ll be ordering again and you should too.

  • Bluto

More Testimonials

“Ordered 1/2oz AAA pack and 1/2oz AA pack. Was happy with all the buds except the white widow.

Blueberry yum yum was excellent. Bruce Banner was very strong and had a great heady high.
Ambrosia smelled and looked great, but lacked taste when smoked. Much better Vaped.

Overall good experience and would order again! Prices are good for what you get.”

  • Jimmy

“Ordered my first order last thursday and received it via express post this morning (next monday)! No underweighted

Fast shipping, great services.

I tried on receiving some of the stock i ordered and the quality is great for the price

Will buy again for sure!”

  • Kevin D

“By far the best customer service out of all the MoM’s in Canada. Super lemon haze has got that piny Jack taste I love so much, a must try people!!!!”

  • Turtle204

“I ordered on the 26th for the boxing day promo.
I wanted to try different strains so I got 3 different types
the payment went easily enough. I got an email for both payment and shipping have been processed.
It got here on the 30th which was part of the boxing day promo

I haven’t made to many MOM but this was very simple and quick
the process itself was very quick and simple
my only suggestion is to label which is which rather then just initials. not a huge deal .
I will order from this site again, and I hope they run more specials for customers”

  • Carl Winiows

“First time trying west coast. Staff, not sure who I was chatting with, was willing to go the extra mile to help me.

Prices are on par with most others

I recieved my product today and happy with the buds and quality

I will use them for sure next time”

  • slydvl_991

“I got my first shipment yesterday. The buzz was GREAT, easy to smoke and good price. I’ll definitely be ordering again. You’re the 3rd site I’ve tried in less than year and hopefully the last. Keep it real guys. Thanks”

  • gabion

“I have used this site about 4 or 5 times . the prices are very reasonable . and the quality is A++ everytime.  Never underweighed and shipping is always fast .. Since i discovered this site i have been a loyal customer.”

  • Reigncity96

“I’ve been using West Coast Med for a while now and have had a very positive experience with the site. The staff are helpful in chat when I might need to ask questions, the site has a nice look and easy to navigate layout, it’s simple but looks nice with detailed explanations of the products and clear easy to see photos.

I’ve ordered lots of various extracts and tired some bud as well, it’s always been great product and I haven’t had any negative experiences with poor product or not getting what I expected to. I would recommend anyone use this for fast and discrete delivery of top quality product.”

  • eric420

“I’ve bought 3 different times now. Started with an AA Variety Pack, although it was only AA it was amazing and so cheap too!
I then got a AAA Pack w/ 1g of trainwreck and was even more impressed. I recently order purple space cookies, and it might be the best herb i’ve ever gotten! This site has saved me lots of money, and delivers some of the finest herbs.

  • Brytone

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