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I’ve been using this supplier for well over a year now and I have no complaints ……always willing to help with the price and awesome people working there …… here is a vid enjoy

-dave q

i received my first order and was pleasantly supplied with the speed of delivery and the fact that i received a couple tasty grams free. the package was well packed, if they can come up with a way to avoid the box that would be fantastic, it would fit into my apartment mailbox and ii wouldn’t have to schlep a couple miles to the post office. that said, i’m grateful for the efficiency, speed and quality of product and believe discovering this site has been most fortunate. thank you.
isis in crisis

Very happy to have found WCS. Registering and ordering are simple, and it makes life so much easier having super quick delivery to home. Also a great way to be able to find the best strains to help with my OH’s pain. would recommend to all, and will definitely be ordering again. Thank you.
-Helen B

I NEVER leave comments for anything, but I have to leave one for you guys!
Never thought I would live to see the day I get weed in the mail! LOL Product is always as described. Ive been buying from you since 2017 and have never been disappointed! LOVE the surprise samples you’ve been sending with my orders.
Thanks so much! Wishing you continued success!
Cheryl N

I purchase Phoenix Tears through this website as I’ve found the price certainly comparable to other suppliers, but equally this supplier offers several attractive incentives. I’ve found the products purchased to be of high quality and I’ve not encountered any difficulties with ordering (and I’m relatively technologically illiterate), payment, or delivery of order. I do not use any inhaled products though my adult son has certainly enjoyed the free flower I had received in my order. Great work!
Wise Old Woman

As a 1st time customer I was impressed with the quality & price.
Delivery time was fast considering I ordered over Christmas holidays.
The resealable/reusable foil bags are great for keeping products fresh.
Love the Maui wowie! Calmed my anxiety; heigthened my philosophical creativity!
Haven’t tried the others yet. I ordered Mix & match.
Marlene (mardaze)

Hi i love the liger balm, it takes joint pain away in seconds and long lasting. I got one as a prize and I liked it so much that I recently bought one and will keep it all the time for my kit aim. I am 74 years of age. The cannabis I have bought has been very nice. I am a chronic smoker I’ve been smoking cannabis for 43 years and I have difficulty getting strong enough cannabis. The cannabis is very good here, however I’d like to see high thc and high cbd. The cannabis gets better and better. You get a lot of deals too which can come to a fair amount of savings. I have no complaints. Thank you for asking my opinion .

First time using this site and I was super impressed. I pretty much only smoke romulan so I’ve had this strain from over 25 dispensaries. This is definitely up there. Jack was super helpful upon me signing up on live chat. As long as they have Romulan in stock I will never go elsewhere
-Mikail Fancy

I love wcs, I’ve tried other sites but wcs is so fast and the quality is great so I always come back. I really love the capsules, I have m.s. and use them for medicinal purposes and wcs products work best to alleviate some of my symptoms
Tonya Heidbuurt

A co worker turned me onto this site and I wouldn’t dream of changing for anything! Always a fantastic product, you get exactly what you pay for every time guaranteed and how could you want anything more than that! I can and do, recommend Westcoastsupply, for all of your BAKING needs! Thanks again WCS for your great service!

Only my first purchase but the quality is great. Service was fast and efficient. Definitely will be ordering again.

I’ve been ordering for a couple years already and have had no problems. The best selection, amazing prices and excellent customer service. It’s nice that they have sales and reward points, but my absolute favourite part is that if you ever have a question or concern, there is someone there to help and they actually care about helping you. I am loyal yo this website and reccomend it to anyone who will listen.
El Krosto

Feel confident when ordering from Westcoast….placed my first order over a year ago, and have continued to be satisfied. Fast shipping excellent Customer service, products are as advertised fare prices and incentives such as purchase points, promotions and free shipping over $200.00

I have never had any issue with this supplier. I have also been consistently impressed with the speed and quality of shipments. Much more variety than I’ve ever had to choose from, including things I hadn’t dreamed of! Big thanks for helping me turn my life around (:
Noly G

I’ve been using West Coast Supply for years now and I have never been disappointed by their service or quality. Their products are some of the best I’ve ever tried and I always come back to order more. Always the first source I recommend to friends. With their regular sales and free shipping over $150 you can get amazing deals on great products for usually far cheaper than other MOM sites. Fantastic products at really good value, I can’t recommend WCS enough

“I highly recommend west coast supply, I’ve been with them since before everything was legalized even with them thru the postal strike. This place has NEVER let me down and I live in Ont! The prices are easily the best I’ve ever found. Plus points for shopping and ALWAYS with the discounts with the guys, why would I go any place else! I let all my interested friends know about this site.”

“After trying other MOM store without satisfaction I came across WCS and decided to try them out. SOOOO glad I did. The price is great (havent found it cheaper elsewhere) and the quality has always been awesome. Was hesitant about the shipping and packaging being poor as that was an issue with other places, but when my order came in (quickly too) I was very impressed with the discretion. No smell could be detected. I will only order from WCS now as I know they are reliable and consistent. Highly recommended!!!”

“Joined the site a few months ago and just got around to making an order finally. It arrived today and I could not be happier, discreet packaging, 3 days from BC to Ontario. Got Rockstar and Purple Space Cookie. Both have nice bag appeal, the Rockstar VERY sticky and the OZ was like a large brick, came out of bag in 1 piece! Purple SPace Cookie had nice looking popcorn sized nugs (somepeople dont like popcorn nugs, I actually prefer them personally so am quite happy) Lots of purple, some nugs virtually all purple! Burns nice, smooth smoke and white ash. Will try Rockstar tonight. All in all impressed with CS packaging product and sales! I think you have become my new go to MoM!!”

Great service and great products !. Really good pricing and fast and efficient shipping with everything well packaged . Would highly recommend !

I have been using West Coast for the last 6 months. I have tried numerous kinds of buds, edibles, hash and High CBD Tears. They have all met my expectations for quality, quantity and effectiveness. I would put West Coast at top 3 of all the websites I have ordered from for price, selection and customer satisfaction. They have become my go to supplier. Thanks West Coast. You make my days and pain easier to deal with.

Love these guys so much! They always have the best deals especially with the 20% off which they have often. Everything always arrives on time if not earlier then expected. I was referred here by a friend and while I’ve tried other mail order places I always come back here bc of the prices and service. Any questions I have are always answered in a timely and professional manner

We have been ordering from WCS for over 2 years and love the products. If it is candy so we can enjoy it around family mid day without the smell or having a relaxing indica spliff in the hot tub before bed. We rave to our friends and have referred many to this company. Discrete, quick to deliver, and never a disappointment!!
Amelia Holden

you guys are the best!! Fast shipping and the product is always as promised. So easy to deal with and makes ordering online painless. Will always continue to order from you

“This has been my go to site for over a year! Never disappointed. The product is always good and as described if not better! Love that there is usually always a promo going on and they are always great with passing on the extras when they have them. Packaging and shipping have always been great, very discreet and on time. My last order arrived in 3 days on Xmas eve!! Keep up the great work guys :-)”

“I’ve been using these guys for almost a year mostly for their awesome price on their distillate but was finally sent a few bud samples damn I wish they’d sent them before their pink tuna and pink gorilla blew my freaking mind out of 12 online mom’s and 3 lps these 2 strains of their pink kicked my ass it’s better than tilray and broken coast potent asf. Definitely gonna save up for g.bag of their pink tuna. .you guys rock big time ..and thanks for having best price on distillate out there ..says frankie to the maxx”
Frankie Maxx

“OK so it’s was my first order. Normally I order from another MoM and was OK with what they were sending me for the prices they have, but I like AA and they don’t always have the AA on sale. So I decided to shop around this time and see what I could find as there are more and more places to shop all the time. I found this place and decided to take a chance with them …….. and let me tell you I’m glad I did!!!! I got the AA summer variety pack and I am thrilled with what they sent me… nice tight trimmed frosty stinky nuts, let’s just say it puts a smile on my face. The AA products are like AAAA of the other sites stuff and the price was awesome! I ended up with an Oz of chemo kush and an Oz of Girl scout cookies for 220$ after discounts, plus I opted for the express shipping which brought my total from 241.40$ for 2 ozs of primo to my door! Long story short this place has amazing  AA and I think I may have found my new go to site. Thanks for the awesome deal and I hope you continue to intice me with sweet prices so I continue to shop with you. If you need good weed at an awesome price this place is for you!!! Fuck yeah!!! West coast supply you are my hero!!!”
Levi Myran

The service at west coast supply is A-one. Sometimes I receive my package in one day which is phenomenal. The quality of the cannibis is excellent, nice big buds with the appropriate moistness. It’s never too dry. I used to go to a dispensary which was really good , however once I went to WCS I never went anywhere else. I like it that it needs a signature so the package never gets lost or stolen guaranteed. This is real medicine. Thank you WCS.

My first time ordering was great! The site was easy to navigate through, the descriptions were great, and I received my order days after payment. 10 out of 10 will use again.
Tara McCafferty

I’ve been using this supplier for well over a year now and I have no complaints. The products are excellent quality, shipping has only improved since I started, and a great streamlined process. The only recommendation I would make is to look into some ways to replace some of the plastic packaging with something more environmentally friendly. I would pay more for the option.
Mac McG

Well , i ordered thc distilate, pheonix tears , and some death bubba weed.
Disty is ok , could be better
Tears were normal , good price for 3.5 grms
The weed ……👍👍
Awesome…. ordered more , what Else is there to say ?
Its sticky -gummy , yet not wet  , although it chews up nicely in grinder, fluffs up nice ready to smoke So i was a lil edgy about my order
One email and i got straiten out and found that order was on its way , actually I received my order the next day (emails from wcs were going to spam account)So yeah
All in all
Very happy i found WCS
Awesome service
Awesome products 👍


Once again I have purchased Maui Waui buds. I’m truly in love with this strain. Awesome Sativa. WCS is great. Shipping has been quick considering I’m in a neighbouring Province. Also got free gm trail. Love this because I can find other bud I may order next😃

Been ordering from Westcoastsupply for years! They are Always on the ball. Good weed for good prices! Can’t go wrong

I love the products, the shipping is always completely inconspicuous and quick even through the holidays, and the rewards program is very appreciated. This is my favourite website for this service!
Noah Gibbons

Wish I had discovered West coast supply earlier. I have tried different buds and always been happy. The best and lastest order was Maui Waui. I love this so much, I am ordering it again. Best bud!!!

I have been ordering from West Coast Supply for a few years now! Love their product! We just ordered some Alaskan Thunder Fuck… awesome bud, great price! They never disappoint!
-Lisa Collins

Received my order on time which was nice considering it’s the holiday season lol. Very pleased with the product. Exactly what I ordered and the product is grown very nice – great quality. Smells and Taste great. I live on the east coast, product arrived safe and secure in a few days. Would recommend. I will be ordering again for sure!

I ordered the thc distillate at a great price. I was cautious when I made a purchase of $25. Each thinking it wouldn’t be as strong as the $50.+ distillate I purchased elsewhere. I was very impressed that it’s just as strong as the expensive stuff I purchased from other places. I will only purchase from West Coast Supplies, vthey earned my trust.
-Richard C

Just received my first order and my experience so far is positive. Fast service, professional staff and too quality product.
-Nicholas Payne

West Coast Supply has been my go-to for 2+ years. Great products & great service from the WCS team on the rare occasion you may need it. I’ve referred MANY friends to the site who’ve all had similarly positive experiences. Thanks, WCS!

This by far has been the best deal in my history 2 years ago if u came on my property with marijuana I would of thrown your a h off my property. I’ve been educated. I’ve grown up I promote the use of marijuana. Friends have beet cancer with its use as stubborn as I. Tell your doctor.dont let them tell you
Bill Russell

This is the best place ever over many years never an issue and quality is best choice Thanks to West Coast Supply I am a happy happy Pain free camper Best regards

I truly enjoy getting the WCS newsletter listing out the incredible deals and new strains. The prices are already super competitive and they regularly have sales that are 20% off! I prefer getting large amounts of the AA or a smaller sampling of the stronger stuff. Would like to see more sativas! Great service and would recommend.

Wcs is hands down my favorite place to mom. The monthly/Holiday deals are awesome and the bud has never been a let down. I will always choose wcs over any other option.

Great sign up system, very fast. Great speed for delivery. Good product. The only sad thing is the fact of the prices. Online shops do not have a store or a lot of employees but prices are the same if not more than store front dispensaries. No offence but I guess that’s the beauty of addictive products, doesn’t really matter how much you charge people will complain a little but still buy. For sure recommend this online store, I can’t wait for my next order
Rob Brown

I have been a customer for about 2 years now. I have always been satisfied with the service. Good product and great service. Customer for life

Folks, I love your site. Been a long time customer. I was on today looking at the sale you folks are having. I was inendated with pop ups telling me who had bought what. So far 10 as I’m typing this. These are enough to make me shop somewhere else. You guys are great but the pop ups make you folks look like a spam site. Take them away please. Why would I care what someone else bought? Total is now 16 pop ups. Very fucking irritating. Bad idea. Hope you folks see that… Thanks.

WCS sets itself apart with its transparent customer service. If the best product is $100 or $300 I always get an honest and accurate description of all products before I check out. My last couple orders have been amazing.
Matthew Collins

WCS is a killer MOM company. They have great products and awesome service. Have used them before and definitely will again!! Thanks everyone!

By far the best place to order from. I won’t be ordering anywhere else you guys have gone above the call of duty to keep me happy thanks

The site is legit. Secure and fast shipping. You get what you pay for. And if there is an issue, customer service is right on it. The only site I use now.
Dave Q

I don’t normally leave customer service reviews, but I did 2 transactions; and I already feel that the customer service here is A1. Shipping is fast, products are always in quality and they truly care about customer satisfaction. Definitely now got a frequent buyer for life, and happily got me from 2 other sites and government weed.
Aydin Saberi

Great variety and consistent quality! My go to site for getting what I need. I’ve tried other places but keep coming back here for the GOOD deals!

I’ve been regularly ordering for almost a year. I always receive top quality product and I appreciate the large selection and discreet packaging. I’ll don’t buy anywhere else plus the discounts and points you collect are great!

Love the CBD honey tears and tears, they work great with out the effects of the the, still have to try the pills, great shipping and the order leaves within 24 hours not like other sites

Love you guys! Legit, fast and good prices. My go to for over a year and no issues whatsoever. Also, sometimes you get a free joint
Liana Aultman

Always quick shipping and good service. Enjoy the extras they toss in.
Adam Chaboyer

Solid company. Great products, great customer service. This is exactly the model all MJ business’ should follow. From flower to cookie, this place rocks..

Great product. No problem ordering or receiving within a week for being a province away. Would like to see more AA grade mix match batches. Thanks! Will use again.

I’ve been using West Coast Supply for years now and not a problem. great bud great price. awesome deals u cant run from. very sticky buds and nice packaging

We love westcoast supply. Great products and fast shipping. Keep it up, guys!

Red velvet shatter is really nice 👍 euphoria at its fine

Just tried the magic stick, I love it works great will be buying it again

I have never been disappointed with WCS, they are very professional and provide superior quality products. There deliver times seem to get better after each order, could be due to summer weather. You can’t beat there quality and price.

The tahoe og diamonds are on point The diamonds are very smooth Love this product Will order again soon. The death bubba wax is excellent Really hits heavy Full on couch lock after a couple dabs Has become one of my main orders. The pink nuken wax is very nice Hits hard Burns clean in the banger It has become one of the mains in my order
Ernest French

I’ve been a longtime customer, the reason, because of the great variety of product and the super fast shipping! They also surprise me once in a while with a free bonus inside my order! Love that, free is always good. Initially I had a few questions, and they were extremely helpful with those. At this point, I wouldn’t even consider buying elsewhere.
Mike Smith

I started ordering from West Coast last year on a trip from a friend and I have to say I am more than impressed with my whole experience with them. The buds I have ordered have been exceptional, the black hash was just great and the edibles have been fun to experiment with. Great selection, fantastic products and zero complaints. Luv you guys. Would recommend this site to everyone!

Amazing company with amazing products for every price range. Quality buds that do not disapoint. Seamless service and great customer support. Reccomend to all my friends

Really enjoy westcoast supply products. Very discreet and fast shipping. Prices are what you come to expect. Selection is ok.

I have been ordering online from here and a few other places for a few years now. This Site has always been my favourite place for dry herb. I recently ordered some oil but haven’t gotten it yet. I like the points for purchases as well. It is nice to be able to save that up if you want to. And once in a while they give out coupons. Lots actually. And great deals like $90 /0’s.

excellent quality, also very impressed with packing – everything is vacuum sealed and double bagged, quick order turn around, best selection and great prices. who could ask for anything more?

good weed…. a lil pricey ..other than that it’s a good site

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