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Spring 2019 Sale

Spring is around the corner and Westcoastsupply has stocked up on fresh new products and we are delighted to share our new greens with extra savings for our loyal customers 😉
Take advantage of this 12 day sale this March!

Mar.16th Note : St Patrick’s 2 Day Weekend Sale, get up to 18% off!
Mar.18th Note : St Pat sale is over, but the Spring sale is still on going!

LIVE NOW Till Monday Mar 25TH!



New Inventory & Restocks!

Mary’s Medibles

Yummy gummies and other delicious edibles from Mary’s

Mercedes Black Hash

Our Top selling Hash! Grams, 8ths, Half Oz And Ounces are available.

New CBD Products

New CBD Flowers, body wash, edibles and tinctures!

Everest Extracts

‘WCS Labs’ has now partnered with Everest, this shatter is cheaper than Phyto and tastes DELICIOUS. Try some today!

WCS Prerolls

West Coast Supply pre-rolled joints, premium blend of various strains packed into a nice baseball bat style cone!

Delush THC & CBD Products

Relaxing, sedating and amazing delush products filled with THC or CBD. These are legit!
Magic sticks, tinctures, bath bombs & more!

SeC Edibles

Heavy dosages and great taste, SeC is becoming a new favourite at WCS.

Raw THC Distillate Gold

Raw and pure gold distillate with up to 94% THC, use it for making edibles,vaping, dabing or simply put it in your Joints

Medusa Botanical Flavored Syringes

Each batch is lab tested with results of over 95% THC content! This product is great for dabing, vaping, baking and ingestion. With 11 unique flavors to pick from!

New Accessories!

Brand new pipes, dab nails, tools, vapes, scales, trays, rollies, filters, lighters & much more!

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