What is ‘Signature on Delivery’ and why do I want it?

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It’s exactly that, when your package is delivered you need to sign for it. If you aren’t home during the delivery, the package will be sent to the closest post office where you’ll have to go pick it up and present ID when doing so.

We’re going to start forcing Signature on Delivery on orders over $300 to prevent any theft from happening on large orders, because we can’t afford to re-send an order if it’s delivered and isn’t there when a customer gets home, this is the only way we can properly ensure the safety of delivery.

You are more than able to opt out of Signature on Delivery if it’s inconvenient to you, but please understand that we are not liable for a package once it’s delivered to your address. Signature on Delivery is an extra padding of insurance to make sure no one steals your medicine.

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