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Happy New Years all!
We hope everyone enjoyed their New Years and we look forward to serving everyone for another awesome year!
We apologize for the late post, but we’ll make it up by offering a 3 day sale instead of a 1 day promo




WCS Holiday Bundles

We still have a few Holiday Bundles leftover
Make sure to grab a few as they’re highly recommended by our staff and a popular favorite among our customers

Holiday Banger Pack ($25)

Two different banger packs to choose from containing 2 bangers, both rolled with hash. Then the doobie is rolled in distillate, and then rolled in kief!!!

  • 1x Purple Grizzly Banger & 1x Super Silver Haze Banger
  • 1x Death Bubba Banger & 1x Black Diamond Banger

Holiday SUPER Edible Bundle ($130)

Featuring our hottest selling edibles at discounted price

Holiday Edible Bundle ($90)

Our super tasty holiday edible bundle with extra savings

WestCoastSupply Special Stocking Stuffers ($95)

With our stocking stuffer bundle you’ll grab a bunch of smaller items with a nice little discount — sprinkle them around some friends stockings, or give one friend one heck of a gift. Your choice!

WCS Newest 2019 Products

THC Infused Honey

THC Infused Honey from Medusa Botanicals. 400mg THC per 4oz jar!

Everest Extracts

You asked, we answered! Everest is restocked with some new flavours and the usual favourites!

SeC Edibles

Heavy dosages and great taste, SeC is becoming a new favourite at WCS.

Mary’s Medibles

Gummies, Phoenix Tears & CBD Tinctures restocked!


Various strains and sift quantities available.

Sultra THC Infused Lubricant

THC Lube is finally here, give it a test drive.

Raw Distillate Gold

Available in 1 gram syringes, 7g, 14g & 1oz amounts.

Medusa Botanical Flavoured Distillate

9 flavours available with bulk discounts as well!

WCS Prerolls

West Coast Supply pre-rolled joints, premium blend of various strains packed into a nice baseball bat style cone!
*We’ve added a bunch of different strain pre-rolls now*

Delush THC & CBD Bath Bombs

Relaxing, sedating and amazing Bath Bombs filled with THC or CBD. These are legit!

Collab Premium

THC & CBD Vape Pens restocked, CBD Coconut Oil restocked, flavoured CBD tinctures added!

New Accessories!

New pipes, dab nails, tools, vapes, scales & more!

Medusa Botanical THCA Diamonds

Rockstar & Lemon Sour Diesel THCA Diamonds available

Use coupon NY2019 for 26% off, 2X Points & $200 Express Shipping!

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