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Awesome for price, def does the trick
Tara Mitchell - avatar Tara Mitchell

Good for $$
If you don’t need premium bud, then why not consider ordering an OZ of this?
Cindhouse - avatar Cindhouse

Excellent product !
Greg - avatar Greg
Gelato January 8, 2020

Repeat purchase. Excellent weed.
Chill174 - avatar Chill174

I have high tolerance so I had to consume both to feel any relief.
Trackers - avatar Trackers
Bully Bits CBD Pet Treats
Bully Bits CBD Pet Treats January 8, 2020

Great . Gave 1 to our dog who is 35lbs and it worked for about a day and a half.
Trackers - avatar Trackers

Good high for daytime without cloudy headspace. Definitely worth buying
Trackers - avatar Trackers
White Widow
White Widow January 7, 2020

I sampled the white widow and I am pleased with the strain - it's very enjoyable, both as a physical and cerebral high - very full body relaxing as well. Perfect Medicine : )
Janis McIntyre - avatar Janis McIntyre
Live Resin Diamonds
Live Resin Diamonds January 7, 2020

The Black Domina was decent for flavour but I felt low effect.
╭∩╮( ͡° ʖ̯ ͡°)╭∩╮ - avatar ╭∩╮( ͡° ʖ̯ ͡°)╭∩╮
The Black Shatter
The Black Shatter January 7, 2020

Sappy I believe the consistency may be caused by shipping - hot/cold, hot/cold, hot/cold.
Taste earthy and pungent; Delicious and smooth.
I felt no pain in my back, neck or shoulders. A light stone that left me ready for bed within an hour.
Better taste and effect than the Black Domina diamonds. Worth buying.
╭∩╮( ͡° ʖ̯ ͡°)╭∩╮ - avatar ╭∩╮( ͡° ʖ̯ ͡°)╭∩╮
House of Glass Shatter
House of Glass Shatter January 7, 2020

Gypsy Kush is good balance hybrid for day time use but not best average for super stoners
Blazin - avatar Blazin
BC King Shatter
BC King Shatter January 7, 2020

I would be buying this shatter all day! Good quality and good strains that you couldn't find others like this one
Blazin - avatar Blazin
Laughing Buddha
Laughing Buddha January 7, 2020

This strain will make you giggly and laughing for no reason! Gonna buy this again if needed.
Blazin - avatar Blazin
Zombie Kush
Zombie Kush January 7, 2020

Good nugs quality and give some good pungent too
Blazin - avatar Blazin
ChemDawg January 6, 2020

Awesome hybrid, ya can't go wrong
Daneeyllag - avatar Daneeyllag
Headband January 6, 2020

Really nice taste and uplifting high, one of the best AAAA strains I've ordered in a while
Daneeyllag - avatar Daneeyllag
Free Gram Offer
Free Gram Offer January 6, 2020

Great stuff!! I guess they ran out of ATF, so I got 1g of death bubba and 1g of kandy kush instead. Great customer service, couldn't more satisfied. Thanks WCS!
Marc Brennan - avatar Marc Brennan

Awesome product. Tastes great and does the job! Will be ordering more for sure
Marc Brennan - avatar Marc Brennan
Violator Kush (AA)
Violator Kush (AA) January 6, 2020

The taste of violator is really good. It comes and goes gently. Excellent for depression and pain. Price and service, amazing.
Brian Foster - avatar Brian Foster
Raw THC Distillate
Raw THC Distillate January 6, 2020

This distillate is amazing. Better than many others I've had. Its very thick and clean. Comes on quick and is pleasant in every aspect. Customer service is number one.
Brian Foster - avatar Brian Foster

I’ve only smoked the micro death and was satisfied with it. Not crazy strong. I’ve smelt a few others and was impressed from how they smelt.
Chad Mcintosh - avatar Chad Mcintosh

I just got the skittles flavour and am very impressed with the strength of this distillate. You only get a hint of the skittles flavour, could use a little more flavour in my opinion.
Chad Mcintosh - avatar Chad Mcintosh
SeC Rose Bud (800mg)
SeC Rose Bud (800mg) January 5, 2020

Product is amazing
Dean Nicholson - avatar Dean Nicholson
Purple Space Cookies
Purple Space Cookies January 4, 2020

Looks good smokes good.
Chris Howard - avatar Chris Howard

awesome flavours, probably the best tanks to get, my favourite was the rootbeer
AntCelli - avatar AntCelli