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UK Cheese
UK Cheese February 12, 2017

This one leans more on the sativa side and is a great day time strain. I often smoke this one before the gym, great for social anxiety. Leaves you clear headed, kinda euphoric and is my favorite hybrid lately. 1/4gr rolled in a joint has me feeling good for 2-3hrs post smoke. Has a nice lemon taste!!!
Richard - avatar Richard
Ambrosia February 12, 2017

Some rather dense sticky nugs here!!! This hybrid packs a nice buzz leaving you funtional but not as still kinda lazy. This was a nice change from all the heavy indica's I've been smoking and the price is hard to pass up.
Richard - avatar Richard
Northern Lights
Northern Lights February 12, 2017

Top notch indica here. The value of this one is just great, smokes and tastes nice too. This is one strain I wanna always have around for sleep issues. Not for newbies!
Richard - avatar Richard

Nice lemon taste
meg.wlu - avatar meg.wlu
Trainwreck Shatter
Trainwreck Shatter February 1, 2017

Good quality shatter at a great price!
meg.wlu - avatar meg.wlu
Caramel Candy Kush
Caramel Candy Kush January 30, 2017

Beautiful crystal nugs that have the perfect crunch. Smells amazing and dank. definitely recommended !
Sjrumball - avatar Sjrumball
White Widow
White Widow January 19, 2017

Must try smells taste and burns very nice looks admazing !
Steve - avatar Steve
Chronic Thunder
Chronic Thunder January 17, 2017

Very good buds. Nice and dense. Coated in crystal with the price and the way it looks. You can't go wrong! THANKS WCM!
tristanmaclean - avatar tristanmaclean
Purple Kush
Purple Kush January 3, 2017

a.matte89 - avatar a.matte89
Alaskan Thunder Fuck
Alaskan Thunder Fuck December 30, 2016

Just like photos aaaa bud buy this
Carole Eastman - avatar Carole Eastman
Orange Crush
Orange Crush December 30, 2016

great high,will buy again
byronboissoneau - avatar byronboissoneau
Purple Space Cookies
Purple Space Cookies December 25, 2016

Great bag appeal, looks just like the pictures. Nice kushy undertones when smoking, white ash and good trim. Smells like a sweet kush like smell.
mahad.jama - avatar mahad.jama
Alaskan Thunder Fuck
Alaskan Thunder Fuck December 25, 2016

Wonderful strain, smells reminiscent of Great White Shark. Potent and appetite stimulating. Impeccably trimmed and not dry like all their herb.
mahad.jama - avatar mahad.jama
Super Lemon Haze
Super Lemon Haze December 24, 2016

Amazing smell and taste.
Its one of my favorite.
Burn really clean .
Serious dispenser !
Try it now dont miss the super strain . Really awesome!!
Thanks WCM
headrush420.420 - avatar headrush420.420

Yummy, Weedy Goodness
Melo High, Body Buzz
ottosoulart - avatar ottosoulart
Pink Kush Budder
Pink Kush Budder November 20, 2016

Great Kushy Flavour , Nice Crumble and Stick , Has a Nice Kushy Smell
Budder on Point ! Price on Point !
Pain Relief, Instant Calm, Inflammation Relief, Great for Anxiety
ottosoulart - avatar ottosoulart
Bubba Kush Shatter
Bubba Kush Shatter November 20, 2016

WoW ! Top Shelf Extract , Full flavour,
Full Body Buzz, Instant Relaxation, Inflammation Relief, Insta Calm. Pain Relief
Very Shattery with no butane aftertaste
Defiantly reordering this with every order
ottosoulart - avatar ottosoulart
Pink Kush Shatter
Pink Kush Shatter November 20, 2016

Pink Kush Shatter has a Nice Melo High, Body Buzz, Pain Relief
This is Full Flavoured Shatter. Terpy
I made sure to take low temp dabs to maximize the flavor.
ottosoulart - avatar ottosoulart
Chemo Kush
Chemo Kush November 9, 2016

Taste more earthy than kush .
Will put you to sleep if ur not careful. Overall a great strain
reigncity96 - avatar reigncity96
Fire OG
Fire OG November 8, 2016

Very good taste cistrusy. Helps me sleep really well . very smooth
reigncity96 - avatar reigncity96

Got this on my order as well, it has a strong minty/earthy taste, burns more than the other kinds I've tried. I'm not huge on that part but its got a pretty good body high buzz going on, not too bad better than anything local still.
xxdarktemplarxx - avatar xxdarktemplarxx

Picked this up recently as well, tropical taste on the package is a great description for its sweet organic taste, smells sweet and flowery. I really liked this and I'm not huge on sativa strains.
xxdarktemplarxx - avatar xxdarktemplarxx

Just got some of the hindu, this stuff gave me the munchies hardcore haha. Each hit was strong, potent for sure, nothing special about the smell or taste but great highs.
xxdarktemplarxx - avatar xxdarktemplarxx
Chernobyl October 21, 2016

I ended up writing a paper after smoking this stuff hahaha. DO NOT SMOKE IF YOU WANT TO CHILL. I am not a sativa person but my freind gave me a joint of Chernobyl without telling me the strain till after. I wanted to relax for an hour-long study break and ended up just going back to work because I was so focused and energized. Perfect lemon-flavored sativa for productive people, makes you able to function while high.
eric420 - avatar eric420
Girl Scout Cookies Shatter
Girl Scout Cookies Shatter October 21, 2016

I only like the dark shatters so my bf hates me lol

Oh well, he can have his golden crumbly shatter. I got my indica goodness. The GSC is really easy to dab, is REALLLLY strong and gets you in a euphoric state just like the original flower of it which is one of my favs. I always sneak in a gram of this for myself whenver we order.
Kate - avatar Kate
Pink Kush Shatter
Pink Kush Shatter October 21, 2016

West Coast’s Pink Kush shatter is REALLY similar to some stuff I tried from a brick and mortar dispensery in Vancouver when I was visiting there. I love how I didnt have to go anywhere for it. I also recommend their Phyto stuff, definitely worth the extra $. Thank you. Im stoked to try other strains from you guys. Cheers from Nelson, BC!
klikster2 - avatar klikster2
Bubba Kush Shatter
Bubba Kush Shatter October 21, 2016

When you dab on a daily basis, you start to notice important things like how long a batch stays a certain consistency at room temp, how smooth it goes down, and the amount of tane in the flavouring. I gotta say that the Bubba Kush shatter from these guys is legendary. 2 dabs and I’m destroyed. I go through a gram in 4-5 days.

I really like that every time i order this it’s been consistent and always in stock. Gotta love the staple kushes and how easy the yare to extract!
klikster2 - avatar klikster2
Duke Nukem
Duke Nukem October 21, 2016

Smoke this if you need to get things done but need the slight indica kick from the back of the room. That’s the best way i can describe this strain. It’s also got a pretty earthy taste to it which is nostalgic of highschool.
klikster2 - avatar klikster2
Pink Kush Budder
Pink Kush Budder October 19, 2016

A great light budder that crumbles like a cookie. Great earthy taste, this stuff would be $50 or more where I live. SO glad I stumbled on this website!!
Lukecage66 - avatar Lukecage66
Lemon Hard Candy (30mg)
Lemon Hard Candy (30mg) October 19, 2016

These are dope. Hit me in about 35-40 minutes and was a great body high for about 6 hours. I'm buying more of these on my next order for sure.
Lukecage66 - avatar Lukecage66

In truth I was skeptical whether this was actual phyto shatter until I ordered it myself. This is the EXACT same stuff I picked up at a dispensary in Vancouver during my trip there in the summer.

Hoping you guys get other phyto strains in stock soon, I'll buy all of them!!
Lukecage66 - avatar Lukecage66
Blue Diesel
Blue Diesel October 16, 2016

first off the buds are HUGE. good nose and great taste. burns white, also vapes great too. all around good bud. A+
stonedsunday - avatar stonedsunday
Pineapple Express (AA)
Pineapple Express (AA) October 16, 2016

Sweet and delicious!
xxdarktemplarxx - avatar xxdarktemplarxx
Pink Kush Budder
Pink Kush Budder October 16, 2016

Nice crumbly goodness. I was pleasantly surprised with the product at the price point, usually expect to pay 10-20 more for something like this. Love the crumble, a good budder that delivers on flavor.
xxdarktemplarxx - avatar xxdarktemplarxx
Bubba Kush Shatter
Bubba Kush Shatter October 16, 2016

Very nice Bubba Kush shatter, OGs & Bubbas are the bomb! This stuff was very good, happy with the purchase.
xxdarktemplarxx - avatar xxdarktemplarxx

High quality shattter, packaged very nicely. Clear golden-delicious product, very smooth, very fresh out the package. Phyto has always been the same consistent high quality product I have come to expect with every purchase.
xxdarktemplarxx - avatar xxdarktemplarxx
Fire OG
Fire OG October 16, 2016

My go to indica strain. Smells amazing, never had a bad Fire OG, OG strains in general always deliver.
xxdarktemplarxx - avatar xxdarktemplarxx
Trainwreck October 16, 2016

Trainwreck, dank, delicious, potent. Not much else to say this stuff is always great.
xxdarktemplarxx - avatar xxdarktemplarxx
Nebula October 16, 2016

Nebula is a wonderful hybrid, nice sweet smell, good high, nothing to lock you down on the couch but good if you want to go out and enjoy the day.
xxdarktemplarxx - avatar xxdarktemplarxx
Pink Kush Budder
Pink Kush Budder October 15, 2016

Pure kush essence . awesome stuff
reigncity96 - avatar reigncity96
Pink Bubba Kush
Pink Bubba Kush September 15, 2016

Very potent stuff , taste is very unique similar to regular bubba kush . highly recommend.
reigncity96 - avatar reigncity96