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April 420 Prep Sale

It’s that time of the year again where smokers around the world rejoice and celebrate their love for Marijuana. Celebrate this years 4.20 with our special weekly bundles, don’t wait until the day to get your supplies, get them ready beforehand so you can enjoy this special yearly event with everyone else.

*Apr.28th Update*

It’s the end of the month again and we’re doing our special clearance sale, starting today until the end of April, we’ll be bumping the coupon back up to 20%. Thank you for all the support and feedback we got for our busiest month of the year, we hope you guys enjoyed the gifts we sent 🙂
Coupon Code: APR420

*Apr.22nd Update*
Thanks so much to all our customers ordering during our busiest season, Happy 420 to all! Because of how many orders we’ve seen, we’ll be giving away an extra Bio mini recycler rig + Strawberry cheesecake sauce for orders over $600
and Starbuds espresso rig + Strawberry cheesecake sauce for orders over $250

Coupon code changed back to APR15 for 15% off

*Apr.14th Update*

Check out our 420 bundles below and get 20% off ALL orders until April.21st

*April.9th Update*

420 Prep Month Sale - Weekly Updates On New Products And Giveaways 1

Starting today, we’ll be giving out products, coupons and a random draw at the end of the month for a Bio mini recycler rig+sauce and Starbuds espresso rig+sauce
Details listed below

Giveaway Items(Any Orders placed will have a chance of winning the following items)

-Battery Mod+Charger
-Watermelon Paradise Tank
-x40 – $10 off coupon
-x10 – $25 off coupon
-x5 – $50 off coupon

End Of Month Draw Requirements
Bio mini recycler rig + Strawberry cheesecake sauce for orders over $600
Starbuds espresso rig + Strawberry cheesecake sauce for orders over $250


We’ll announce the winners for the draw at the end of the month and giveaways will be given away at random for any paying customers

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 2x points & Free Xpress Shipping over $200

New Inventory & Restocks!

WCS & Medusa Botanical Shatters

WCS and Medusa Botanical have teamed up to bring you the hardest hitting shatters. Be warned though, products may get beginners too stoned

Medusa Botanical Rosin Packs

To create a solvent-less live rosin, it takes freeze dried bubble hash that’s pressed into rosin for the final product. The necessary steps to making solvent-less live rosin are rather straightforward.

You will definitely taste the difference!

  • Solventless Cannabis Extract
  • Sold in 1/2 Gram Quantities

WCS Prerolls

West Coast Supply pre-rolled joints, premium blend of various strains packed into a nice baseball bat style cone!

WCS Special Wax

As the name suggests concentrates resemble the texture of candy wax. Depending on the overall consistency it can be known as budder,badder,crumble or honeycomb. Excellent terpene profiles due to it being more buddery.

Mary’s Medibles

One of Canada’s finest edibles brand, their pharmaceutical grade medical marijuana products are lab tested and patient approved. With a wide selection of tasty gummies, chocolate chip cookies, brownies, chocolate bars and even truffles!

Mercedes Black Hash

Our Top selling Hash! Grams, 8ths, Half Oz And Ounces are available.

New CBD Products

Looking for CBD products? We got a bunch of new CBD Flowers, body wash, edibles and tinctures!

Everest Extracts

‘WCS Labs’ has now partnered with Everest, this shatter is cheaper than Phyto and tastes DELICIOUS. Try some today!

SeC Edibles

Heavy dosages and great taste, SeC edibles is becoming a new favourite at Westcoastsupply. Select from a wide range of flavors and THC levels.

Raw THC Distillate Gold

Raw and pure gold distillate with up to 94% THC, use it for making edibles,vaping, dabing or simply put it in your Joints

Medusa Botanical Flavored Syringes

Each batch is lab tested with results of over 95% THC content! This product is great for dabing, vaping, baking and ingestion. We have 11 unique flavors for you to pick from!

New Accessories!

Brand new pipes, dab nails, tools, vapes, scales, trays, rollies, filters, lighters & much more!

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  • swainson13 says:

    Hey guys! New customer here! What kinda giveaways will you be having?

    • tonywong says:

      Hey there, we just updated our post for giveaways
      Here are the items we’re giving away starting today
      -Battery Mod+Charger
      -Watermelon Paradise Tank
      -x40 – $10 off coupon
      -x10 – $25 off coupon
      -x5 – $50 off coupon

      End Of Month Draw Requirements
      Bio mini recycler rig + Strawberry cheesecake sauce for orders over $600
      Starbuds espresso rig + Strawberry cheesecake sauce for orders over $250

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